My Happy Baby Colouring Book

Authors: Margo Morrison and Kymani Gayle

My Happy Baby Colouring Book

My Happy Baby follows the journey of a happy baby and her adoring parents as they marvel at her growth and development. Her parents’ love and care provide the environment and early childhood experiences for her to meet her developmental milestones. A happy baby is a baby who is loved.

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Authors: Margo Morrison and Kymani Gayle

My Happy Baby Colouring Book

The My Happy Baby's Colouring Book is here! This colouring book is the perfect way to let your child explore their creativity and express themselves through art. Filled with fun-loving happy characters of the original My Happy Baby, this book will provide hours of entertainment and learning, and opportunities for your child to sharpen their fine motor skills. Get this colouring book today and give your child the gift of creative play.

Parents like you, shower your babies with love and provide them with the early childhood experiences that make it possible for them to thrive just like the happy baby in this book.

Live these everyday moments as you share and enjoy this children’s picture book with all the happy babies in your life and reconnect with your inner happy baby.


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