Beat The Back To School Rush!








You guys never let me down. Kozy Korner Books n More is my favourite place to shop for back to school supplies for my child. Their variety of stationery supplies, availability of textbooks, friendly staff and flexible payment arrangements makes it the perfect place for me every summer.


Ready Set Play is a fantastic initiative, my kids love it. In addition to being a bookstore for children, Kozy Korner is a place where children can meet, have fun playing games, been read to by Authors of their favorite books and indulge in craft activities on a Saturday morning.

Jasmine. J

I’ve been to Jamaica on many occasions for work or leisure, Kozy Korner Books n More is one of those places I discovered while passing by on a Saturday morning. I initially thought it was a daycare until I learned it is a bookstore that offers interactive activities on the weekends. 


Thank you guys for everything. a simple From WhatsApp with my booklist to you guys confirming my order. Accepting my initial deposit and final payment online. Sending my box of books straight to my door via Jamaica Post without me even stepping into a bookstore all Summer. Thanks again Kozy Korner


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